Your participation in a CISV program is not simply a holiday pastime. CISV is more. Get to know a small part of the world, exchange experiences with peers, learn about foreign cultures, develop your personality, become independent, develop a stronger awareness of global issues, and improve your English skills by the way. Each CISV program is based on tried and tested concepts of “experiential learning”, which means that you gain new experiences and adapt to new skills – in your own way.

In the campfee are included

  • International organization
  • Overnight accommodation in double rooms or dormitories
  • Full catering (CISV has mandatory minimum standards, dietary requirements are taken into account)
  • International fees
  • Obligatory CISV insurance
  • PreCamp (preparation weekend)
  • Well-trained leader (for delegations)
  • Training weekend (for singles)

Villages and Step Ups also include stays with host families with no additional costs, since the host families also host the delegates voluntarily and for the sake of the idea.

Additionally, you have to calculate

  • Travel expenses
  • Proportionate travel expenses for the leader
  • Possibly visa
  • Possibly vaccinations
  • Pastcamp
  • Pocket money, guest gifts, souvenirs
  • Interchange: stay, meals and entrances, … for the partner child and the leaders during hosting
CISV programmes last between 11520 and 40320 minutes - and every CISV minute is worth the price!